As we can’t close the fanmail-option on tumblr, I’d like to remind all of you that this blog is, as of December 13th, on an INDEFINITE HIATUS. We won’t take any submissions, we won’t post anything.

We’re still not gonna delete the blog, because there is a chance we might come back one day (although it’s not likely) and we still appreciate all of your submissions. Just please, don’t flood our fanmail box with your messages because they will NOT get posted. 

Thank you for understanding.

Indefinite Hiatus

Hi everyone! First of all, the admins would like to thank everyone that’s been following this blog. We really do appreciate you. ^^

Now the blog is going on hiatus for several reasons, the main major ones being that everything that’s being sent in is getting repetitive and unoriginal and the fact that most of the admins are quite busy with their lives right now and don’t have the time to run this blog.

I’ll check back in a while, but for the time being, this is the end. Thanks. ^^

kotsurin sent:
you're amazing pls never stop the (imo hilarious) commentary in the tags & thanks for running this blog :D

You’re welcome! And thanks for liking the blog. :’D

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Anonymous sent:
Unpopular GazettE onions :(

oh no :(

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